Backing Up Devices

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More than 68% of Americans store 25% or more of their photos digitally*

It’s going to be that time of year again, new devices & toys. That means “how the hell do I set this up” time. Want to win this year? Make backups of your devices and files before Christmas so you can play all day.

Data backup is a simple, three step process:

  • Make copies of your data
  • Select the hardware or method to store your data
  • Safely store the backup device that holds your copied files
Make Copies of Your Data

Many computers come with backup software installed, and most backup software will allow you to make copies of every file and program on your computer, or just the files you’ve changed since your last backup. Here are links to backup utilities in popular operating systems:

Select Hardware to Store Your Data

When you conduct a backup, the files will have to be stored on a physical device – such as CDs, DVDs, or USB flash drives, an external hard drive, or on the web using cloud-based online storage.

  • External hard drive: If your computer serves as the family photo album and music library, it’s best to get an external hard drive that plugs into your computer.
  • Online backup services: There are many online backup services available, usually for a monthly fee. You simply backup your files to a secure server over the Internet. These services have the added advantage of safely storing your files in a remote location and the files can be accessed anywhere you have a connection to the Internet.

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