In Season 1 of the series, follow the cast through the sometimes scary world of cyber security.

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Hashtag Awareness | The Series

Cyber security training videos are bad. We know, we’ve sat through them.

The Hashtag Awareness video series tackles the boring topics of cyber security with a fresh approach.  How?  We challenged ourselves to make videos that we would want to sit through.

We approach each script with 2 goals: they must have laughing moments and they must have organic learning moments. Check out the trailer for Season 1 below to see just what we mean.

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    Social Media Security

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    Mobile Device Security

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    Working Remote & Wifi Hotspot Security

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    Social Engineering

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Who are we?

We are storytellers. We are educators. We believe in simple cyber security for the everyday soul.
We are passionate this information should be easy to understand.  

Jason Hoenich

Cyber Security Awareness Expert | Writer | LinkedIn

Jason brings over 10 years of expertise, having built awareness programs for companies like Disney, Activision, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.  His experience producing engaging awareness videos for the entertainment industry is unparalleled.

Benita Robledo

Director | Writer | IMDB

Benita brings over 10 years of expertise working in Hollywood.  She knows how the business works.  Her experience commanding both sides of the camera injects the Hashtag series with an uncanny eye for film quality production and execution.

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